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When I was a little, I loved books. I was reading as much as I can, anywhere, anytime, almost anything. I always admired authors and their effort of putting their thoughts and stories onto the paper. I was under impression that this is something very difficult and challenging. First impressions are mostly the correct one.

I am a Software Engineer. This means that I like technical books, but occasionally, I like to read some biographies (of tech people of course), but sometimes I also just get one random book from my library and…

Spoiler alert: not very much :)

Sublime Text 4 (source: Sublime Text 4 Blog post)

Sublime Text has come a long way since its first release back in 2008. It is one of the most popular cross-platform source code editor on the market. Basically it is just fancy notepad, but it can be extended into powerful tool with plugins.

We needed to wait whole 5 years to get second version of this code editor, and another 4, for official stable release of Sublime Text 3, back in 2017. Now, it is 2021 and we got newly fresh and shiny Sublime Text 4.

Lets just dive in and check what…

Did you ever have a problem that you needed to update multiple rows in database, with different values? I did, and it gave me a little headache. I will show you here, how to efficiently solve this problem in NodeJS.

Image taken from https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-manage-sql-database-cheat-sheet

Image that you have a lot of entries in database. Like a million and then some. But you want to change each field to different value (lets say that you want to encrypt first name). How will you do that in NodeJS? Well, one solution is to do it one by one, but that is not efficient and it will…

Have you ever heard of multisign? Do you know what multisign even is? Well, some of you do, and some of you don’t. I will try to explain this very simple and easy, and I will show you how to implement this in XRPL ledger since I am working mostly with XRPL.

Image taken from https://ripple.com/insights/avoid-another-bank-hack-distributed-financial-technology/


Normal way to sign anything is that we need to sign object with one key. But with multisign method, we may have only a partial key. So we need someone else to sign object with us. So in cryptocurrency world, multisign is a method of signing transaction.

XRPL Multisign


So, lets talk about GitHub CLI. Last week, on 2020–09–17, GitHub released first stable version of its CLI tool. This tool can help us creating and listing pull requests, we can also create new issues, list issues, etc. Lets check in practice, what this tool can do.

First, we need to install it. On macOS it is simple as this:

brew install gh

Next thing that you need to do is authentication. You can authenticate with two different methods.

  • Credentials authentication
  • GitHub token authentication (env variable must be set)

First, lets choose type, and lets run the following command


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