… just in a matter of months

When I was a little, I loved books. I was reading as much as I can, anywhere, anytime, almost anything. I always admired authors and their effort of putting their thoughts and stories onto the paper. I was under impression that this is…

Spoiler alert: not very much :)

Sublime Text has come a long way since its first release back in 2008. It is one of the most popular cross-platform source code editor on the market. Basically it is just fancy notepad, but it can be extended into powerful tool with plugins.

Did you ever have a problem that you needed to update multiple rows in database, with different values? I did, and it gave me a little headache. I will show you here, how to efficiently solve this problem in NodeJS.

Image that you have a lot of entries in database…

Have you ever heard of multisign? Do you know what multisign even is? Well, some of you do, and some of you don’t. …

So, lets talk about GitHub CLI. Last week, on 2020–09–17, GitHub released first stable version of its CLI tool. This tool can help us creating and listing pull requests, we can also create new issues, list issues, etc. Lets check in practice, what this tool can do.

First, we need…

Tadej Golobic

Dad, Husband, Software Engineer and wannabe Foodie.

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